Mental Fitness Training from BlueQ Academy and Quarsh

Mental Health issues will affect over 60% of workers at some point and costs the UK economy over £75 billion a year. To help organisations to deal with the enormous impact this represents Quarsh and its training company, BlueQ Academy, have developed a fantastic platform of training products: Half-day introduction – Overview and key learnings […]

How To Be A Success

In the realms of Mental Health and Wellbeing perhaps the biggest impact, for good or ill, is whether or not you ‘fit’ in an organisation. But how much do we take it into account when we are looking for a job or deciding whether to stay? Am I The Right “Fit”? Everyone has a list […]

Mental Health vs Mental Fitness

Okay, so we’re all aware of Mental Health issues and that it has a tremendous impact on employers and the UK economy as a whole. But what is it we’re actually talking about and what should we actually be focussed on as employers? What is mental health? According to a government definition, “Mental health includes […]

Mental Health – What’s the big deal?

As part of Mental Health Week we are publishing an article a day on the subject of Mental Health and Wellbeing, following from yesterday’s post we have learnt that Mental Health is a big deal. We continue our journey by looking at some statistics.   Big Picture 1 In 4 people in the UK will […]

How Business Can Beat Monday Blues

As part of Mental Health Week we are publishing an article a day on the subject of Mental Health and Wellbeing, starting with a look at how companies can provide employees with Mental Health support on the day no one loves. It’s a known phenomenon, there are even songs about it, no one likes Mondays. […]

Apprenticeship Training

The What, How and When of the Apprentice Levy

What is the Apprenticeship Levy? The Apprenticeship Levy is a new tax some employers in the UK have become required to pay from spring 2017. It is a government initiative to proactively increase the quantity and improve the quality of apprenticeships across the country. The government, together with the private sector, aims to train 3 […]

5 Steps In Getting The Best From Your Recruitment Agency

Having worked in recruitment for over twenty years I’ve noticed that most clients don’t like recruiters. To most, recruiters are at best a necessary evil, a worst a pestilence who either steal your best people or fill up your email and voicemail with candidate information you don’t want. Now given that there are apparently over […]